Here we give tips on sights and nice walking trails in the surrounding area of ​​Stiftsgården. During Visit Skellefteå you will find suggestions for nice activities in Skellefteå and its surroundings, such as Vitbergsbadet, Boda Borg, Bowling Company, Leo’s playland and Lilleputtlandet. And on you can find what’s going on in Skellefteå right now in terms of cinema, music, theater and more. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is something you are wondering about or if you want tips on nice excursion destinations.

Art Museum Anna Nordlander

The upstairs of the main building is also called the Second Floor and is Stiftsgården’s own art museum. Here you can see oil paintings, watercolors and sketches by the artist Anna Nordlander (1843-1879).


Just east of Stiftsgården is the church of Skellefteå National Assembly. The majestic Cross Church is one of Skellefteå’s more famous attractions which attracts busloads of visitors every year.


Below the Landskyrkan lies the idyllic Kyrkholmen. There you will find a very nice summer café with freshly baked waffles as a specialty.


A commercial site was developed around the Land Church. Eventually, the church town was created, which today is unique with its chambers. At the large church weekends, the chambers were used by the long-distance congregation residents and the reading children lived here as they went through their scripture reading (confirmation).


Nordanå is a cultural center for the whole countryside and a beautiful park area to roam in. It all began in 1924 when the first stage was started to look up the place which for many years has been a loading place for tar supplies in the countryside, but also a marketplace and an exercise area.

Bicycle Tour

Rent a bike with us at Stiftsgården and discover Skellefteå’s all the trolley places in an easy way. Book a bicycle when you book your accommodation, 0910-72 57 00.

Walk along the river

The path is easy to find. Just go down to the river and there it is, both on the north and south side. The path goes partly towards the city center, a distance of just under 2 km, but also up to the Mobackendammen.

Savior’s Wreath – Prayer Garden

Last but not least, an excursion destination that requires a car but is well worth a visit. Right next to the church in Kusmark a few miles north of Skellefteå lies the “Savior’s Wreath – Prayer Garden”. It is a prayer and meditation garden.