We do everything we can for the environment

The environment & climate are important to us

Our climate and environmental work

Here you will find information about how we work with the environment and climate


We are working on and want to reduce our climate impact. Our work are well implemented with all of our employees.

We want to be a sustainable place with a minimal climate footprint and there for we are also looking at aspekts were we can make a difference. As much as possible we are recycling, re-using and upcyckling insted of buying new.

Our work is characterized by the idea that everything that we take from the nature must be used in a sustainable way, then to be recycled with minimum use of resources.


We have identified these areas were we can make a change.


In our daily work waste is a biproduct. For example: waste from food, plastic, paper, electronics, light baulbs ans batteries. All waste must be sorted and recycled.

We are working on redusing the amount of waste.

We don´t buy products that can´t be recycled or that have a negative impact on our environment.


When we purchase products we choose the most environment friendly product/supplier. In every purchase we make, transportation as a parameter that we look at. We buy as localy produced as possible.

Consumables must have a well established marking such as Svanen, EU Ecolabel or smiliar. We try not to buy disposable products.


When we choose our suppliers their work with climate/environment issues is a deciding factor. We shall also work together with our suppliers regaring what we can do together for the climate.


Our place uses energy in the form of heat, water and electricity. We are working on reducing the amount of energy that we use. 100% of the electricity that we buy are from renewable enery sources.

Our faucets and showers must have enery class A or at least B. Lighting is controlled buy motion sensor. Our ventilation is digtalised. We improve isolation if needed.


When we clean we use deionized water. If other cleaning products must be used they have to be approved by the person in charge. All cleaning products must have a well established marking such as Svanen, EU Ecolabel or smiliar.

Everything is taken care of and recycled.


For business travels we choose the most eco friendly alternative such as train before airplan. If possible we have digitized meetings.

We encourage our guests to try more of the vegetarian options.
To reduce the amount of food waste we have an ongoing dialouge with our guests. We measure the amount of food waste and are workning on reducing it.


Every 3 months the management have a meeting were we look at how our work is going. In what areas can we do even more?

Every year our board reviews our work.