A place for tranquility and reflection

Chapel at Stiftsgården

Welcome to Stiftsgården’s chapel

Our beautiful chapel is a place of tranquility and reflection. Here you can sit down for a while, light a candle in the candle holder, pray a prayer and participate in devotions. The chapel is open to our guests every day from 07-22.

The chapel

In the chapel it is also good to have a wedding service and a baptismal service. The chapel can accommodate 70 people. We can arrange wedding dinners, overnight stays for guests and bridal couples, as well as consuming in connection with baptism.

The idea behind Stiftsgården’s chapel

Stiftsgården’s Chapel is a room for meditation, prayer and worship. The chapel was inaugurated on March 22, 1997.

In the entrance you can read the following: “Here indeed dwells God, and here is the gate of heaven.” Genesis 28:17

The chapel offers the opportunity for rest, harmony, silence, meditation and prayer. But it is also a chapel that opens up to thoughts, dreams and visions. Behind the beautiful architecture, building constructions, heat, sound, light, color and interior design, there are many people’s imagination and creativity, which in fine cooperation produced a harmonious result. The main idea has been to create a chapel for the present but the cage of a rich tradition.

THE WAY – the aisle. In the middle aisle, the clinker is laid as a road which connects to our walk of life. The road is cross-marked. Life is not always easy. Beside the “road” there are benches for us to stop, rest, ponder and retrieve power.

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD – AN ALTARE, a resting place where a broom is offered. Along with the cross and the vines in the skylight, the altar tells us that here we can enjoy the fruits of the Atonement Jesus offers the world.

THE LIGHT BEARER Round like the earth, the candles tell of the Church’s intercession for the earth, its people animals and prerequisites for life, and our intercession for one another.

ICON MESSAGE The icon depicting Mary, the intercessor, is painted by Tomas Åberg

THE GATE The gate – a central image for hope – life is not over when we think it is over. There is a gate and it can be opened. Then new dreams open up, about both this life and eternal life. The dream of a better life. The gate also talks about the importance of the church being open to people and about being open to one another. It is possible to open up to each other. Idea: Lennart Lindgren, Design and design: Nils Arvidsson.

DISH BOWLS, LIGHT CANDLES. KORS, Design & Manufacturing: Margareta Holmlund 1997.

BASKET The baptismal bowl is supported by a foundation which in its upper part suggests the shape of a ship. The ship of thought to Noah’s Ark, an early Christian symbol of the Church, which, on Christ’s behalf, administers the sacrament of salvation, baptism. Idea and design: Lennart Lindgren. Production: Assar Forssèn 2008.

THE GARDEN An integral part of the chapel. The “road” continues on the other side into the garden. Maybe a picture for the garden of Eden. Life on the other side – the sky we would like to imagine as a wonderful garden.


Wednesday 08.00 Fair

All guests are warmly welcomed to attend the farm’s devotions and the fair. Deviations from the above may occur if the farm is subscribed or if any group wishes to arrange the morning prayer / Mass. Sundays are regularly celebrated at 11am in the church of Skellefteå, which is 200 meters from Stiftsgården.

Baptism in Stiftsgården’s chapel

Stiftsgården’s beautiful courtyard chapel is an atmospheric place for child baptism. Just great for gathering loved ones. The chapel seats 70 people, but feels cozy even when you are just the closest family.

You arrange yourself with a priest and a musician. Contact us for information on rental cost.

Baptism is a celebration!

The blessing of baptism reminds us that we are seen and loved. God’s face is turned to us. We celebrate and rejoice in the baptism of a human being. Through baptism, we are brought into the Church and are part of a larger community: with Christ, the congregation, and the Church of the world.

The baptismal service itself is a celebration where we all celebrate a new member becoming part of our community. Often you want to continue with a party afterwards. This can be done in a simple way and there is nothing to say that you have to have an after party. Inviting relatives and friends to celebrate baptism has long been a tradition. At Stiftsgården, we are happy to help with the baptismal party, which can be advantageously held in the salon. At the baptismal party, the salon is reserved for your party.

To book a chapel and / or baptismal party, contact Stiftsgården’s reception on 0910-72 57 00.

Marriage in Stiftsgården’s chapel

The beautiful courtyard chapel can be booked for weddings. The chapel seats 70 people, but feels cozy even when you are just the closest family.

When you book the wedding chapel, you arrange for yourself a priest and a musician. Contact us for information on rental cost.

The gift of love

A church wedding is a symbolic worship. In the presence of God and all the witnesses, we promise each other to cherish love and stand by each other’s lives. We ask God to bless our marriage and help us through the difficulties we will face in life. It is a service of joy and gratitude over the gift of life and love for both the bride and groom.

Wedding Party

Stiftsgården’s exquisite mansion environment is also a popular venue for wedding dinners and parties. We offer everything from an elegant dinner for a few to a party on day three.