Good and well cooked food

Restaurant Stiftsgården Skellefteå

Quality & thoughtfulness

Our food is prepared from selected ingredients from the best producers, who like us believe in quality, pure flavors and local produce.
We create our menus by season and availability; they therefore change depending on that, as does our selection of drinks.
Quality and consideration are key words for our work.

Meal Experiences

Good and well-prepared food gives it that extra, which creates a pleasant atmosphere at the conference or the holiday dinner. At Stiftsgården in Skellefteå, the meal is at the center. With Swedish home cooking as the basis, we create meal experiences as authentic as the manor environment in which we are located.

Country estate

The Diocese’s genuine parsonage environment is now a unique phenomenon. The manor building from 1802 gives the right character and setting to a good dinner, birthday party, or Christmas dinner. The house was originally built as the home of the priest Nils Ström and his family. A home of great dimensions yet intimate.

Rights to serve alcohol

We have full rights and are happy to help you find a suitable beverage for your food. With us, the beverage has an obvious place and every week we put together a beverage package that fits the menu we serve, this of course also applies to non-alcoholic alternatives.

At Stiftsgården, food is a priority and eating an experience for all senses.

Classic Swedish cooking is our starting point for creating a genuine dining experience. All food is prepared using the very best ingredients from the best producers, who, just like us, believe in quality, pure flavors and locally grown food. We design our menus according to season and availability.

Our restaurant is located in the manor house, which dates back to 1802. We can accomodate up to 100 guests for a seated dinner.
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The old wine cellar is our unique dinner venue dating back to the 1600s, where we offer our guests genuine Västerbotten specialties, like reindeer, char, västerbotten cheese and cloudberries. The cellar can be booked for groups up 20 guests.

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Diocese’s dining rooms

Our restaurant is located in the manor house from 1802. We can accommodate parties of up to 102 people at a dinner. The lounge can hold 60 p, the dining room 26 p, and the glass veranda 16 people.

Upstairs in the mansion is Öfre parlour, our pleasant living room furnished according to the time when Skellefteå’s founder, the priest Nils Nordlander, lived on the farm. Here you will enjoy coffee and pleasant company.

In Pehrkällaren, our unique 17th-century cellar, we offer genuine Western botanical flavors; here the reindeer, the char, the westbound cheese and the cloudberry have their given place.

The Pehr cellar can accommodate 20 sitting guests.

Upper parlour

The upper parlour is our cozy living room, upstairs in the manor. It is the place for management groups, board meetings and creative conferences, who want to sit comfortably in a unique environment. It accommodates 10 people in comfortable leather armchairs and the lounge is fully equipped with ceiling mounted projector, whiteboard, flipchart etc. We also provide computer if desired.

The upper parlour is dedicated to the priest Lars Jonsson for everything he has done for Stiftsgården. Lars is widely known for his local history knowledge and diligently hired by our conference guests.

As part of the Uper parlour you will also find the Anna room with generous Chesterfield sofas and small seating areas. Anna Nordlander is one of our more famous female 19th century artists. She is represented at, among others, the National Museum and in Skellefteå, MAN – Museum Anna Nordlander is named after her. Anna grew up here on the farm and was the daughter of Skellefteå’s founder Nils Nordlander.

In the evening, the Upper parlour with the Anna Room is the living room for our guests. Here you have a drink before eating, enjoying coffee and avec or just hanging out.


Armchairs in ring in exclusive 19th century environment, 10 people
As a lounge 30 people
Video Projector
Wireless WiFi