This activity takes you on a walk from Stiftsgården to Nordanå, Skellefteå’s cultural area, which is just a stone’s throw from Stiftsgården.

A perfect activity to get out into the fresh air and discover some of Skellefteå’s gold grains.

During the walk, the participants should keep an eye out for the places on pictures that each group will bring with them. Where are they and what does it represent? Answer the question, try to find the answers along the way but the internet is also approved.

Take your own photo of the different places!

On the way back to Stiftsgården, it is excellent to discuss the topic of the meeting – An opportunity to continue working together in a different environment than the conference room. The supervisor may choose to submit a question to be answered during the walk and be reported at a later date.

The group returns to Stiftsgården where we end with a fun game called Blindbock in group. There all the group members except one get together and get each one blindfold.

The last member gets to guide the group through a track, fastest time wins!

We end with afternoon coffee where we go through the activities together and score these. The winning group receives a prize from Stiftsgården.

Time required: About 1 hour + break for afternoon coffee

Clothes: Tight clothing for outdoor activities
Price: 150 SEK / person excluding VAT

Please contact us for more information.

0910-72 57 00 or